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2016 Boston

PAC is a surveyor of points mapping densities of Production in relation to those of Consumption in and around Boston. Points were extracted and were plotted along a null point of degree of stress. There is an obvious opposition as stress levels were much higher during activities of production while consumption of art, landscape, and media allowed for much lower levels. A new landscape was created by the push and pull of these two point families depicted through PAC in a series of overlays of point, contour, and gradient. Crafting the character of this mapping exercise, Isolation of these layers of high and low stress became important, thus constructing a container for layers with subjective apertures intending to focus the eye on parts while the mind is able imagine the composite. This is why we also began to cut contours not based on gravity but serial sections based on the position of the 4 viewports. These Productive and Consumptive surfaces took on color as an associative property as a last layering which in their densest moments reveal the street grid of the city allowing for an acknowledgement that Production lies in the heart of Harvard Square while its alterego dreams of the Olmsted landscape across the river.




2015 | 2016