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Hyper Convergence


New York, NY

Currently Manhattan is a commuter city whose transit infrastructure creates a divide between large scale circulatory systems and the existing urban fabric surrounding the Hudson Yards. Specifically, Port Authority and the Lincoln Tunnel ramps are incompatible with its surrounding context in scale. As Manhattan densifies, the distinct separation between collective space, transitory space, and residential space is no longer and effective model of city living. By unveiling the infinite sectional datums of New York City through a newly defined courtyard housing scheme the vast differences in scale are knit together. The courtyard then acts as a the threshold to the dwelling as well as the gateway to the city.

Hyper-convergence seeks to reintegrate these infrastructures into their residential context by weaving heterogeneous mixed-use courtyard housing between these large infrastructural hubs in reclamation of pedestrian space. Responding to the isolating stratification of the environment and pedestrian experience, this intervention uses the section as a device to reconnect people with the built environment across scales.