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The project positions itself between Art and architecture– a realm which these disciplines find themselves in constant tension with one another. They are not same but they are aligned. While they exist to do separate things they do complement each other, and this project is invested in both worlds. They’re intense dialogue continually expands as the elements of what define them are constantly shifting and blurring.

Throughout the trajectory of Modern and Contemporary Art, the production of aura has expanded through many dialects. Today, installation artists are constantly redefining the line between Art and Architecture through their mastery of experience and spectacle. Yet, the larger market reveals Art as overly commodified and increasingly more exploited as a monetary object — resulting in the factorization of Art. For a discipline that has the authority to shape experience and perception, its value needs to be reestablished.

Simultaneously, there is a nostalgia for a time when we used to make things. As the contemporary factory thrives on urbanism, cities like New York are witnessing a reemergence of manufacturing into urban life.

The Art of Assembly generates an identity– one that calls upon a new audience to reconcile the confluence between production and consumption. By collapsing Art and Industry, this project examines the current condition with regard to curration and presentation, thus extracting new social constructs. In doing so, the factory acts as a vessel for a new institution which weaves two parallel flows of production to enhance Creative Culture.